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MicrobladingMicroblading, also known as: Microstroking, Feathering, Eyebrow Embroidery, 3D Eyebrows

Microblading began in Asia about 25 years ago. The technique matured as artists experimented with different brow patterns, tools and application techniques.

Microblading is a permanent cosmetic procedure that uses a hand tool, as opposed to a tattoo machine, which allows for “hair strokes” to be created, leaving a very natural look in reconstructing and reshaping lost eyebrows. It is known by many different names: microstroking, feathering, eyebrow embroidery, 3D eyebrows just to name a few.


MicrobladingWho would benefit from this procedure?

  • Busy, active women who wants to look good but doesn’t have the time to apply eyebrows daily
  • Women who can no longer see clearly to apply make-up
  • Individuals with thinning or misshaped eyebrows
  • Those suffering from alopecia, hypothyroidism, or trichotillomania


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Microblading FAQs

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