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Dr. Bowen brings new procedure to patients

Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery before and after of chemical peel on face

Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery is home to a beautiful medical spa that brings you the relaxing environment of a day spa but the treatments that generate results for younger, brighter skin. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, this is one place you will want to put on your list for great gift ideas suitable for every woman in your life, from grandma to your teenage daughter.
Dr. Diane Bowen, board-certified plastic surgeon, started Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery over 20 years ago. The practice is in a tranquil, stand-alone facility with an onsite surgical suite located on St. Simons Island across from the Epworth Marina. Dr. Bowen and her staff take great pride in providing “whole person” rejuvenation services that include surgical and non-surgical treatments. “We offer individualized treatment plans that are tailored specifically to each patient based upon their goals. This is not one size fi ts all,” said Noel Walker, esthetician.
Think of your skin like an onion, there are many layers and we have different treatments to target each of the different layers. Keep in mind depending on what you are trying to treat with your skin more than one treatment and sometimes use of each of these options may be needed. Our popular non-surgical rejuvenation treatments include Chemical Peels, Lumecca, and Fractora.
Let’s start with the outer layer of our skin or the surface. Chemical peels address the surface of the skin meaning it helps to get rid of the dead cell build-up that occurs. These treatments are designed to help with brightening the skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and acne. “Chemical Peels have a bad reputation and are not all created equal,” says Noel. We provide a chemical peel called a Micropeel. In this treatment we use a dermaplane tool to physically slough off the dead skin cells from the surface and then apply a light grade peel to penetrate deeper into the skin to brighten and tighten. We finish this treatment with an “ice ball” that is the cherry on the cake and feels so good on the skin. This “peel” leaves you with a healthy glow, there is no downtime, and often no physical peeling or flaking will take place. Please don’t misunderstand it is still working and you will see and feel the difference in your skin health. These Micropeel treatments are often used as a regular facial maintenance to healthy looking skin and can be done as often as every 6-8 weeks. If a basic facial just doesn’t cut it for you and you are looking for a step up this is the perfect solution. If you are looking for the full “shed like a lizard” type peel we offer those as well and just suggest that you time it correctly between social events allowing yourself 10-14 days for the flawless beautiful new skin to reveal itself. We suggest a “spring cleaning peel” like this to be done every 3 months or at least 2 times a year.
Next, we have state of the art new technology called Lumecca by Inmode. This is a laser that uses Intense Pulse Light (IPL) to target uneven pigmentation and broken capillaries under the skin surface. Living in a beach community down south where we are always doing things outdoors may have left you with sun spots, hyperpigmentation, or unwanted frekles. Lumecca also is designed to treat Rosacea and broken capillaries that can form around the nose, cheek and chin area. This laser is designed to help target those unwanted brown and red spots and leave you with an even skin tone and healthy skin texture. Lumecca can be used to treat any skin area, most commonly we treat face, neck, décolletage, and hands. This treatment can be done every 4-8 weeks or as needed for maintenance.
Lastly, we have Fractora by Inmode. This treatment combines microneedling with radio frequency to eliminate wrinkles, improve skin complexion, and even skin tone. It can also be used to treat active cystic acne, acne scars, and stretch marks. Referring back to the onion analogy and the many layers of the skin this treatment targets deep down in the skin and into the tissue. This is a perfect treatment if you are looking to rewind the hands of time but don’t want to go under the knife.
We are running spectacular specials all month long this May in honor of all the special women out there. Please visit our website at to read more about these treatments or give our office a call to schedule a consultation with our esthetician or nurse practitioner 912-634-1993.

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